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The Natural Baker by Henrietta Inman (Henrietta Inman)

The Natural Baker by Henrietta Inman
The Natural Baker by Henrietta Inman
The Natural Baker by Henrietta Inman
The Natural Baker by Henrietta Inman
Артикул 1115222
Издательство Jacqui Smal
Год издания 2018
Формат 203x260
Количество страниц 176
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-1-91112730-7
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2787 руб.
В наличии 1 шт.
From the author of the bestselling Clean Cakes, trained patisserie chef Henrietta Inman, this beautifully-designed bake book presents over 80 baking recipes – sweet and savoury – using natural, wholesome and wholegrain ingredients. Taking in every occasion from breakfast right through to supper and dessert, with plenty of joyous cakes, breads, brownies and biscuits along the way, it is full of unique bakes that are actually good for you. While some of the recipes are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and/or dairy-free, this book focuses on the natural goodness of the ingredients Henrietta chooses and offers a naturally healthier option to most baking books. Fresh produce, seasonal heritage fruit and vegetables will be given the chance to sing rather than being masked by too much sugar. The end results will taste amazing and do you good too!
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