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Адрес магазина: Санкт-Петербург, Литейный пр., 57

She Rides Like the Wind: The Story of Alfonsina Strada

2461 ₽
В наличии 1 шт.
Автор Negrescolor J.
Издательство GESTALTEN
Год издания 2020
Переплет Твёрдый
Страниц 48
Формат 215x280 мм
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-3-89955853-1
Артикул 1151479
She Rides Like the Wind is the story of Alfonsina Strada, a woman who loved to ride her bicycle, but had to fight hard for her dream.

She Rides Like the Wind is based on the story of iconic cyclist Alfonsina Strada who represented the wheels of change breaking down gender barriers in the early 20th-century. Known as the Pedal Queen, she resisted conformity in 1924 by taking part in the prestigious Giro D Italia and many more races.

Rich in illustrative color and packed with a mighty message about injustices sure to get you off your saddle, She Rides Like the Wind demonstrates that a single brave person can change society, prejudices, and how people think.


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