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Oscar Carvallo. Fashion, Art & Nature

10290 ₽
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Автор Farnault H.
Издательство SKIRA ,
Год издания 2020
Переплет Твёрдый
Страниц 240
Формат 240x280 мм
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-8-85724241-5
Артикул 1145781
The relationship between art, nature and fashion in the creations of the Venezuelan designer that conquered public and critics around the world.

Fashion and art have always had intimate and fruitful relations, accompanying social change and, in particular, the role of women in the world.

Oscar Carvallo is a fashion designer who challenges things with his original and amusing contents and who, among his numerous artistic collaborations, is associated with Carlos Cruz-Diez, a key Op art artist and colour theorist, to elaborate new collections.

This extraordinary encounter has given life to creations titled “Kinetic Journey”. Silhouettes and colours occupy space-time, accompany the fluid motion of silks and satins or sculpt bodies in an intermingling of colours that make the senses vibrate and deceive the gaze.

Carvallo’s passion for art is linked to his love of nature, pursued with true dedication. Born in Caracas, near the sea and lush landscapes, the designer extols the silhouettes of women that become, each time, women-flowers, women-feathers, women-fish... His vision of the world is reflected in his collections “Save Our Soul”, “Caribbean Sea” or “Neptune”; he reveals the anxiety of being in “Melancholy” or “Eagle Eye”; he questions the passing of time that withers and decays things and living beings.Carvallo tries to fight this decay – with artists, designers, craftsmen – and to build beauty – freeing it, displaying it. This incredible creative inclination sublimes nature that can renew itself and which must be safeguarded.

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