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New Nordic Houses (Dominic Bradbury)

New Nordic Houses
New Nordic Houses
Артикул 1121772
Издательство Thames & Hudson
Год издания 2019
Формат 230x290
Количество страниц 320
Переплёт Мягкий
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-0-50002155-2
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In a climate that ranges from cold, dark and unforgiving to endless sun and crystalline skies, the homes of the Nordic countries are lifted by ever-changing and dramatic natural light balanced by an intrinsic sense of warmth. Nordic architects today are as much informed by vernacular traditions and natural materials as their forebears, but the most recent generation of practitioners reflects a new appetite for spatial exploration and changing lifestyles.

Divided into four chapters – rural cabins, coastal retreats, town houses and country homes – this survey of over forty of Scandinavia’s finest and most innovative houses features work by a broad spectrum of leading architects, such as Jon Danielsen Aarhus, Tham & Videgеrd, Snorre Stinessen, Reiulf Ramstad and Todd Saunders. Structured by terrain to reveal the full diversity of the landscape and its architectural challenges, the book is full of fresh thinking about living spaces that are at once universal and distinctively Nordic. From country houses complete with traditional Nordic fireplaces, saunas, window seats and verandas, to remote cabin hideaways and artist’s studios, there are details and grand ideas that can be applied to residential design anywhere. A reference section includes an appendix of architectural plans.

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