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Learn To See, Learn To Draw

5183 ₽
В наличии 1 шт.
Автор Koder D
Издательство Hoaki
Страниц 208
Формат 225x227 мм
ISBN 978-8-41765609-6
Артикул 1157575
Drawing is a universal language, but not everybody feels capable of not even give it a go. This is a useful and entertaining book about the pleasure of this activity, showing, with some exercises, that anybody can draw by learning to see first. Based on the renowned method by Betty Edwards and intended either for beginners or those who need a refresher course, this book is an updated and personal account by the author which will make the fear of drawing disappear to anyone willing to try. This is a completely different drawing school for the gifted, the untalented, the stressed and the completely desperate and a useful and entertaining method for learning to draw by learning to see first. By looking at the world, without the interference of the feelings and what our brain assumes we are looking at, the hand will pick up the skills and abilities to produce a wide array of drawings. Humorous and enlightening, its reading will definitely spark anyone’s creativity.

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