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ISBN 978-0-8041-8676-6
Артикул 1076345
One can infuse any water, spirit, or oil with just about anything--and it's never been more convenient than with the Mason Infuser, the authors' follow-up to the Mason Shaker. The Mason Infuser is outfitted with a high-quality stainless-steel infuser cap. But you don't need the product to enjoy this book. Any vessel with a tight seal will do. Infuse has the same cool, instructional design as its sister book, Shake, but it goes beyond alcohol to flavored waters and oils made with fresh ingredients that can later be used to prepare refreshments and condiments. The recipes include infused waters such as Overnight Chai and Ginger Lemongrass Coconut Water, spirits like Coffee Liqueur and Limoncello, and oils including Preserved Lemon and Garlic Confit Oil. There are recipes throughout that include the infusions in food and drink preparations.

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