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How to be a Tastemaker: The Origins of Style

6039 ₽
В наличии 1 шт.
Автор Gestalten Vleeschauwer D. Pappyn D.
Издательство GESTALTEN
Год издания 2020
Переплет Твёрдый
Страниц 312
Формат 219x266 мм
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-3-89955989-7
Артикул 1143464
How did renowned Michelin-starred chef Skye Gyngell establish a sustainable kitchen? What’s Claudia Schiffer’s number one advice to all models who are just starting out? And why does Paul Stamets believe mushrooms can save the world?

How to Be a Tastemaker offers a glance into not only the work, but also the inner lives of some of the world’s most renowned tastemakers. This book of in-depth profiles opens up the world of industry leaders to learn how they’ve made it to where they are?from major life-changing moments and big ideas, down to the books, playlists, and destinations that have enriched their lives.


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