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Wood Architecture & Desing

Wood Architecture & Desing
Wood Architecture & Desing
Артикул 1065266
ISBN 978-3-03768123-7
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Wood has always been a strong contributing factor in the creation of interesting architecture. Because of its special physical characteristics, its many possibilities of application and combination with other construction materials, since human beings began building houses, wood has been one of the main building materials. In addition, because of the increasing sensitivity for the protection of resources, the ecological potential of wood as a renewable raw material wood has gained in significance. To build with wood has been for years and is still a trend topic, this volume is a road tour of contemporary wood architecture. The many possibilities for use of this natural building material are shown with texts, photos, facts and drawings, as well as the innovative construction techniques which have extended these possibilities. The architectural species diversity ranges from energy efficient passive homes to wide span supporting structures, to multi-story productions halls.
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