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The Testaments (Atwood M.)

The Testaments
The Testaments
The Testaments
The Testaments
Артикул 1126180
Издательство Random House
Год издания 2020
Формат 128x198
Количество страниц 448
Переплёт Мягкий
Язык Английский
ISBN 1-78470-821-6
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984 руб.
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The Republic of Gilead is beginning to rot from within. At this crucial moment, two girls with radically different experiences of the regime come face to face with the legendary, ruthless Aunt Lydia. But how far will each go for what she believes?

Now with additional material: book club discussion points and an interview with Margaret Atwood about the real-life events that inspired The Testaments and The Handmaid's Tale.

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