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Techno Globalization Pandemic (Multi-lingual edition)

4477 ₽
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Автор Bart van der Heidi
Издательство HATJE CANTZ
Год издания 2022
Переплет Мягкий
Страниц 212
Формат 105x148 мм
Язык Несколько языков
ISBN 978-3-77575166-7
Артикул 1157511
In this publication, Bart van der Heide argues that techno music can not only function as an ecstatic and collective experience, but can also serve as a platform for socio-critical discourse. Which cultural phenomena and social changes can derive from the techno scene? How can identities be experienced and how do they intertwine? The authors of this anthology examine techno music and its scene on the basis of current social issues. In doing so, they elaborate tools and discourse strategies on how subcultural platforms can be used politically. The publication TECHNO is a call to action to question the status quo and strive for social change.

Text in German, English, Italian


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