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Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society (Said E., Barenboim D.)

Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society
Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society
Артикул 1139878
Издательство BLOOMSBURY
Год издания 2004
Формат 129x198
Количество страниц 208
Переплёт Мягкий
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-0-74756385-3
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Israeli Daniel Barenboim, one of the finest musicians of our times, and Palestinian Edward Said, eminent literary critic and leading expert on the Middle East, have been close friends for years. Parallels and Paradoxes is a series of discussions between the two friends about music, politics, literature and society. Barenboim and Said talk about, among other subjects, the differences between writing prose and music; the compromising politician versus the uncompromising artist; Beethoven as the ultimate sonata composer, Wagner (Barenboim is considered by many to be the greatest living conductor of his work); great teachers; and the power of culture to transcend national differences. Illuminating and deeply moving, Parallels and Paradoxes is an affectionate and impassioned exchange of ideas.
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