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Modernist Cuisine

Modernist Cuisine
Modernist Cuisine
Modernist Cuisine
Modernist Cuisine
Артикул 1115214
Издательство Cooking Lab
Год издания 2011
Формат 283x352
Количество страниц 2438
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-0-98276100-7
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64587 руб.
В наличии 1 шт.
Modernist Cuisine is an interdisciplinary team in Bellevue, Washington, founded and led by Nathan Myhrvold. The group includes scientists, research and development chefs, and a full editorial team—all dedicated to advancing the state of culinary art through the creative application of scientific knowledge and experimental techniques.

Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is an encyclopedic treatment of cooking. Its six volumes of 2,438 pages explore the history of cuisine and explain the science of cooking in a way that’s accessible to both professional chefs and home cooks. Created by a team of scientists, chefs, editors, and writers, these volumes explore research spanning the field of culinary science, with careful attention to practicality and applicability in the kitchen. Through gorgeous illustrations and otherworldly techniques, this set will inspire you to innovate in your own kitchen.

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