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Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms

Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms
Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms
Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms
Kaffe Fassett's Bold Blooms
Артикул 1125610
Издательство Abrams books
Год издания 2016
Формат 225x282
Количество страниц 224
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-1-41972236-3
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2990 руб.
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A stunning guide and vibrant pattern collection of 25 new patchwork and needlepoint projects, from renowned color expert and quilt and fabric designer Kaffe Fassett.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers, Kaffe Fassett’s Bold Blooms invites crafters to explore the behind-the-scenes process and fascinating design methods used to create Kaffe’s bold fabrics and modern color palettes—from “sketching” with fabric swatches to creating mood boards and renderings to sewing visually striking quilts. Featured throughout are 18 new quilt patterns and seven new needlepoints.

Ideas bloom on each page as eye-catching artwork, inventive quilt designs, needlepoint canvases, and bold ribbon patterns grow from concept to completion. Renowned for his use of color, Kaffe creates unique palettes from nature and his surroundings to create color “moods”—from neutrals and soft pastels to rich, dark tones—and he shares his design ideas, practical quilting advice, and needlepoint techniques useful to both novice and seasoned crafters throughout these colorful projects.

With an emphasis on patchwork and needlework, the inventive designs and fresh color palettes translate to many creative disciplines ranging from mosaic, beading, fiber arts, embroidery, floral arrangements, and home decor. Accessible to quilting and sewing beginners and experts alike, the lively floral designs on each page are sure to inspire and send readers off on a color-filled creative journey, offering something for makers of all skill levels.

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