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I Know To Cook

I Know To Cook
I Know To Cook
I Know To Cook
I Know To Cook
Артикул 1065207
ISBN 978-0-71484804-4
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I Know How to Cook is the first English translation of France's ultimate cookery bible, Je sais cuisiner by Ginette Mathiot. First published in 1932, it is to France what the Silver Spoon and 1080 Recipes are to Italy and Spain: the indispensable cookbook for every household. With more than 1,200 recipes, Mathiot guides the reader through all the classics of French cuisine, both simple and elaborate, with a clear and authoritative voice. For the first time this classic work has been fully updated to suit modern kitchens, and the book offers up all the secrets of fabulous French home cooking, which have been known to domestic cooks in France for over 70 years.
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