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Green Architecture (Bibliotheca Universalis) (Jodidio Ph.)

Green Architecture (Bibliotheca Universalis)
Green Architecture (Bibliotheca Universalis)
Green Architecture (Bibliotheca Universalis)
Green Architecture (Bibliotheca Universalis)
Артикул 1119167
Издательство TASCHEN
Год издания 2018
Формат 140x195
Количество страниц 624
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Несколько языков
ISBN 978-3-8365-2220-5
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2082 руб.
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Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

The most exciting new buildings today are almost all environmentally aware, sustainable, and conceived to consume less energy than ever before. Discover the best examples of green projects from the Architecture Now! series in this handy Bibliotheca Universalis edition.

Celebrated architects like Frank Gehry and Norman Foster are presented alongside young up-and-coming creators from all over the world. Filled with plans, renderings of proposed projects, and stunning architectural photography, this is nothing short of an encyclopedia of eco-design.

From a water treatment facility to an art museum, luxurious holiday homes to commercial structures, these buildings all make a bold environmental statement. Being “green” means being aware of the responsibility in the construction and use of modern buildings; some solutions are as old as the history of architecture, while others are born of cutting-edge technologies. Explore these approaches and many more in this groundbreaking collection showcasing 100 of the world’s most innovative eco-friendly buildings.

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