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Great Escapes: South America

Great Escapes: South America
Great Escapes: South America
Great Escapes: South America
Great Escapes: South America
Артикул 1121018
Издательство TASCHEN
Год издания 2016
Формат 238x302
Количество страниц 360
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Несколько языков
ISBN 978-3-8365-5569-2
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4163 руб.
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From crystal-blue glaciers to sun-drenched tropical shores, millennia-old mountain trails to mystery-laden ruins, South America sets one spectacular stage for travel. Home to the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, the largest rain forest, and the longest mountain range, this beguiling continent promises not only an incredible range and richness of landscapes, but also an intoxicating cultural bonanza of music, dance, magical literature, and vivid histories.

With a refined eye for the X-factor in accommodation, this revised and updated TASCHEN guide presents the best hotels across South America. Whether you’re looking for an elegant lodge in the Argentinian countryside; a beachside idyll in Bahia, Brazil; or a location like no other in Patagonia, Chile; this is a definitive collection of style and luxury. Each featured hotel is presented with interior and exterior photographs; pricing, service, and contact information; as well as the perfect book to curl up with after a day of sightseeing, trekking, or fresh sea air.

Multilingual Edition: English, French, German

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