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Garden Love: Plants Dogs Country Gardens

6065 ₽
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Автор Griffiths S.
Издательство THAMES & HUDSON
Год издания 2019
Переплет Твёрдый
Страниц 304
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-1-76076008-3
Артикул 1157554
It all began when Simon Griffiths decided that he and his whippet couldn’t live in his tiny but gorgeous one-up one-down shopfront in Melbourne any more. He had a yearning for open spaces, country air and, most importantly, a garden of his own. On finding his cottage in Meadowbank, just outside Sydney, and trialling different plants, he gradually became part of the secret gardening network – the one where cuttings are exchanged between friends, and planting successes and failures are recounted over neighbourhood fences. Simon is a brilliant photographer, bringing warmth and joy to all his subjects, but he is also a very knowledgeable plantsman. In this book he has captured his favourite twenty country-style gardens and shares the knowledge he has gleaned from fellow garden lovers.

Table of Contents

Introduction • Alowyn • Attila’s Garden • Broughton Hall • Cloudehill • Flinders Garden Foss • Hedgerow Cottage • Karkalla • Kate’s Garden • Killeen Station • Kylie Rose Blake’s Garden • Lakithi • Lavandula • Luce Sulla Collina • Melrose • Musk Cottage Ray Brodie’s Cottage • The Rose-Innes Garden • Rosebery Hill • Shades of Gray • Sunnymeade • The Farmhouse


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