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Crucial Interventions

Crucial Interventions
Crucial Interventions
Crucial Interventions
Crucial Interventions
Артикул 1127686
Издательство THAMES & HUDSON
Год издания 2015
Формат 177x248
Количество страниц 256
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-0-50051810-6
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2464 руб.
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A startling look at the golden age of surgery through gruesome yet beautiful technical illustrations and paintings from the Wellcome Collection, written by the bestselling author of The Sick Rose.

The 19th century saw a complete transformation of the practice and reputation of surgery. This fascinating book follows its increasingly optimistic evolution, drawing on the very best examples of rare surgical textbooks, with a focus on the extraordinary visual materials, held by the Wellcome Collection.

Unnerving and graphic, yet beautifully rendered, these fascinating illustrations include step-by-step surgical techniques paired with medical instruments and painted depictions of operations in progress. Arranged for the layman from head to toe, and accompanied by an authoritative, eloquent and inspiring narrative from medical historian Richard Barnett, this is an engrossing and enlightening volume.

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