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Circular Fashion: Making the Fashion Industry Sustainable

5069 ₽
В наличии 1 шт.
Автор Blum P.
Издательство L. King
Год издания 2021
Переплет Мягкий
Страниц 160
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-1-78627887-6
Артикул 1157517
Creating sustainable fashion has never been more important. Circular Fashion provides an accessible, practical, and holistic approach to this key topic for anyone studying fashion or who just loves clothes and wants to make better choices.

This introductory text to sustainability in fashion includes best practice case studies and profiles of companies such as Patagonia, Veja, Christopher Raeburn, and Stella McCartney. It begins with an overview of the fashion business, tackling the issues of the linear production model of make, use, dispose, before exploring the idea of the circular supply chain across all areas of the industry.

Circular Fashion is the must-have book for students, creatives and anyone passionate about sustainability and fashion.

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