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Belgian Architects and Their Houses II

Belgian Architects and Their Houses II
Belgian Architects and Their Houses II
Артикул 1099507
Издательство Luste
Год издания 2015
Формат 229x279
Количество страниц 256
Переплёт Твёрдый
Язык Английский
ISBN 978-9-46058154-0
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3616 руб.
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- Sixteen detailed photo features of architects' homes, with interviews in which they share their views on housing design and architecture.

Almost all architecture is designed on commission for a client. And the architect's design must always bend to the wishes or demands of that client. The situation is turned on its head, however, when the architect becomes their own client when building, renovating or redecorating their own home... All of a sudden, the architect has the freedom to give full expression to his/her vision on living and the humble home is transformed into something of a calling card.

The architects: Leo Van Broeck, Eric Soors, Erik Wieлrs, Lou Jansen, Aurйlie Hachez, Adrien Verschuere, Kiki Verbeeck and Yves Malysse, Toon Heyndrickx, Johannes Robbrecht and Tinne Verwerft, Tom Vermeylen, Gert Cuypers and Ilze Quaeyhaegens, Maarten Baeye and Karen Kesteloot, Kris Mys, Evert Crols, Hans Lust and Lieve Van De Ginste, Isabelle Blancke and Alexander Dierendonck. Their houses: an old mill, a Modernist apartment, a Seventies townhouse, a former pub, a ward of a former military hospital, a new-build with a view of the apartment buildings in the city... Their vision: passionate pleas for the densification of villages, interesting insights about the use of space and flexibility... Each report is accompanied by a text in which the architect expounds his/her own vision on architecture.

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