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The City Reader

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LeGates and Stout have crafted an introductory text aimed at "students who will encounter many of the writers and writings for the first time" (page 3). They introduce the field in a prologue entitled "How to Study Cities" that offers guidance on where to find courses on cities within universities, on the differing views students will encounter across disciplines, on the utility of theory versus applied research and practical knowledge, on the varied methods used to study cities, and on the field's key organizations and journals. The authors guide the reader through the volume by offering introductory essays for each major section and short introductions to each selection. The section introductions raise larger questions students need to bear in mind, and also link current discussions to historical issues. Together these introductions act as a sort of connective tissue for the volume as a whole, pointing out recurrent themes and helping us to see current problems in historical context." - Elizabeth J. Mueller, University of Texas at Austin