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The Complete Roman Legions

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This is the first book for a general audience to cover all 45 imperial legions in compelling and accurate detail, telling the tales of their triumphs and defeats as they policed the empire and enlarged its borders. Focusing on the legions as the core of the Roman army, and chronicling their individual histories in detail, this volume builds on the thematic account of the Roman military force given by its companion "The Complete Roman Army", and is vital reading for anyone who has enjoyed that book. It describes the legions in their various postings and major campaigns, as well as their activities as builders and peacekeepers on the empires frontiers. Data files on each legion list their titles, standards, main bases and major campaigns; box features throughout range from accounts of major uprisings to surveys of the main bases and fortresses. Over 200 illustrations portray weapons, armour, inscriptions, fortresses and the regions where the legions served. "Beautifully designed and comprehensively illustrated, the books authoritative and informative text dramatically brings to life the ancient world's most successful military machine". (Professor Lawrence Keppie).